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Day 695

Somebody's always got it worse than me....

I was at CollegeFriend's house on Friday night; she and her husband have been married a good long time, and they're good people (despite all their privilege....) (and mine....)

But CollegeFriend has been going through a hard time; she's got a chronic illness which doctors have not been able to identify, other than it gives her frequent fatigue, so much so that she can rarely leave the house, or more or less even walk upstairs to her bedroom.

But they do have their moments of fun, despite their confinement: I went over to their house Friday evening to watch a "French gangster movie," because French gagster movies - well, they are THE BEST!

And this one featured one of my favorite actors (seen above) Jean Gabin, who puts all other contemporary gangsters to shame. Joe Liotta, you don't know what a gangster is until you've spent time with Jean Gabin: he just plays it all with such dexterity and understatement, that you have to be in awe.

This feature was "Ne Touchez Pas Au Grisbi," which translates as "Don't Touch My Loot."

So we dined on single malt Scotch, smoked trout, blue cheese; enjoying this friendship that goes back 40 years.

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