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Day 672

Somedays I feel good, sometimes I'm like everyone else....

Today was just an okay day. I mean, it was a good day: I went to work, and I did many things. I worked with children who I care for, and I met with my homegirl teacher who showed me the 3-D renderings of her restaurant she's opening in Grenada, and I'm just so happy and proud of her.

And I stumbled home, my lower body just filled with aches, but not the terrible aches that make you want to end it all, but the aches that remind you of both your age and your illness. And I'm hoping that when I conclude my treatment on Saturday when I pop the last of my bicalutamide, that 24 hours later, when it's worn off, and my body starts to heal, that these aches will gradually go away.

Sunday will be my first day "post treatment." I have two holiday parties to go to, I'll say goodbye to NewGal, because she's heading off to see her family for 8 days, and then I'll head out for 4 days with my kids, and we'll party in the mountains, eat, drink, play, maybe laugh and sing?

And I'll start my return, my return, achzor, hashivenu, return, return...

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