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Day 165

Starting CBD

Last weekend I asked Honeybun to go with me to a store that specializes in CBD products. I'd been looking for ways to calm my chronic anxiety, and though yoga has been helping, I feel like it still hasn't stopped my random panic episodes or stopped me from being tense all the time. I can't smoke pot with Honeybun due to screenings at work and since I'd like to start job-hunting soon - but THC-Free CBD oil is legal.

I originally wanted to pop in, make a purchase, and get out, but the shop-owner insisted we discuss my needs first. I explained, and she had me try a few of their products. Tinctures, creams, water-soluble drops... After a bit I started to realize the tension in my shoulders was lessened and I wasn't clenching my jaw. CBD doesn't make you relax or feel anything per se, but it does take off an "edge" or tension you might not have realized was there. She gave me a bottle of tincture free just for coming in, and I bought a smaller bottle in blueberry flavor. It's been a godsend. My "tightness" is vanishing, and I'm able to think clearly without my mind racing.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    5 weeks ago

    It's quite the racket here in NYC - CBD oils, creams, chocolates and candies - they seem to put CBD in everything; you can get CBD oil mixed into your salad dressing. I tried it for my sciatica pain - did nothing. Your results may differ....

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