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Day 32

Still silent

It’s been another week... almost two, actually. My Christmas present showed up and it was awful. Some random items, not even wrapped. Totally impersonal, like when you get the new guy for secret Santa at work. It was a pity gift given out of a sense of obligation since I sent him several really nice Christmas gifts, despite our “break”.

Then I got my very belated birthday gift. It was custom made and took time to get to me. It is incredible. Very thoughtful and very personal. It’s definitely an artifact of a better time. I sent him a heartfelt thank you message... that was 4 days ago and he hasn’t responded.

We haven’t talked in 18 days now and when it was because I was not responding to him it was ok. I was ok. Now that he’s not answering me it’s torture. The reality is the same: we’re not talking, but the feeling is totally different depending on who’s court the ball is in.

We’ve come a long way from the moon and back, and bunches and bunches, and honey bees and kumquats.

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