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Day 533

Stinky man bed

I've been staying at my mum and dads this week as my partner and I don't have a car right now and we live in the middle of nowhere and a girls gotta get to work!

This is the longest I've been apart from N since we met, of course I've missed him but I've also enjoyed having long baths and watching a chick flick or two..

I've found that I sleep better on my own though. I was single for 2 years ( with a few hopeless relationships..if you can call them that..thrown in here and there) but I remember in my previous relationship we practically lived together at my parents house and when we split up I slept terribly on my own.. I guess things change and I got used to it ay!

I love N but it sure is nice to starfish into my pillows and not care if I dribble or not!!!

And can I just ask.. why do men smell so bad in the morning? N goes to bed smelling lovely and wakes up stinking of man sweat!

I kinda miss it though...

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  • Tammie Tammie
    36 months ago

    Oh hahahaha. I am finding I sleep a lot better on my own too. I'm not worrying about waking anyone up with my amazing snoring lol. But in recent months the couple of times I shared a bed with anyone I was really nervous about my snoring. H said that he didn't hear a thing. But he also admitted that it usually takes a bomb to wake him. Litrally out for the count. Lol I don't know why men smell so differently in the morning. Maybe it's because they get so warm in general lol.

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