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Day 715

Sunny leaves home, bit by bit

Feeling very tired. Really heavy. Leaden. Don’t know why.

Good news today: E (my niece) and A are engaged. At long last. I had wondered if A might drop out of the relationship it was so long in coming. I’m very glad for them all. Teddy will be overjoyed. His daughter is safe.

Sunny arrived back from Amsterdam late last night. He looked tired. He’d been high for a week. This morning he left with G to spend a couple of days in Brighton, high no doubt. It makes me extremely sad. He was already shouting at me and being rude before he left with G. I was glad he was gone, but I felt like crying too. I had wanted him to recover himself a bit, to spend a bit of time with us, to help around the house. Of course he wouldn’t have done any of that. He would have stayed in his room chasing phantoms on his computer if he were here so it is better he is gone. I have lost my son. That is to be expected. Of course. I understand. I accept.

On the other hand Owl's friends do nothing and Owl is bored and lonely.

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