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Day 341

Surprise for Wendy

I woke up to waffles in bed, with kisses on my forehead and Chip trying to lick my hand.
Sundays are bliss.
Luke and I took a walk to pets at home to grab some stuff for our furry family, and to ask whichever manager was on duty, what's up with my exit interview.
See, the manager of the Worthing store, a woman named Wendy, is not a great manager. I'm surprised she's been there for so long, considering the stories I've heard and what I've experienced first hand. She's terrible with people. She's rude. She's physical. She's abusive. She's a liar. She's an instigator.

She was fully aware of an investigation I made to expose all the rules she broke, the bullying she took part in, the slacking off.

On the day I left pets at home, I asked her which IPad (belonging to the company) I should use to take my exit interview. She told me it wasn't done that way anymore-I would get an email soon about it.
It's been a week and no email. I asked a different colleague today, they laughed and confirmed it's still done via the iPads. They set me up there and I spilled all the tea.

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