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Day 492

Taking action to help daughter & granddaughter....

It's not like Daughter is a terrible person - when she's calm, she can be funny and smart and really fun. But when she gets angry (and it's usually because she doesn't respond well to advice from others), well, there is hell to pay.

I've wondered about the source of Daughter's anxiety and impatience. I know there are situations where I get anxious and upset, but I've gotten better at handling them over the years. I start a dialogue with myself and try to work through it (of course, I've had plenty of therapy to help me, and with age so comes wisdom), but on the other hand, I was never this angry with my children.....

Daughter needs to learn to relax and enjoy the adorable person that her 3 year old is... the kid is very smart and chatty and she does the funniest things, like takes two piece of a pretzel and turns them into characters who talk to one another. It's really funny, but a few minutes later she will be crying because her mother shouts at her for dropping one of the pretzels on the floor.

But I've been there before and some people are hard to help....

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    5 months ago

    You must reach out to her Rav or can her Mother reach out
    The 3 year old needs nurture, patience and understanding, your daughter may be struggling ...

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