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Day 736

Taking Refuge In The Catskills

Among the things I pack:

... 30 days worth of my regular meds (hypertension, thyroid, stomach acid) + painkillers & fever reducers.

... My Cannabis Kit, which includes gummies, minds, pen with 2 different cartridges, as well as 2 kinds of herb.

... Art Supplies including pens, inks, papers, brushes.

... Two large loads of laundry (they have an amazing high-tech washer and dryer here...)

... Prayer shawl and book of Jewish liturgy.

... Concertina and some new music to learn.

... Two books of Rilke: "A Year With Rilke," and Robert Bly's translations. Some old issues of Poetry magazine. Also "Against The Day," Thomas Pynchon's longest novel (it weighs in at just under 1200 pages.)

... Laptop, iPad, iPhone 11 Pro, DSLR, condenser microphone, bluetooth speaker.

... Olive oil, organic garlic, balsamic vinegar, bakers' yeast, mango, pineapple, onions, my 10" chef's knife and cutting board.

... Pound of freshly ground Ethiopian fair-trade coffee

... Assorted spices, including Moroccan red pepper, cumin, crushed red chili paper, smoked salt.

Time can hang however I want it to be: I just found out that I won't return to school until April 20th AT THE EARLIEST. So I'll just sit here in limbo and see where this is all going.

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  • Otter Otter
    3 weeks ago

    I hope you are enjoying your time away from everything!

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