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Day 25

Taking the piss

I wonder sometimes. You try to help people so they can be less dependant on you and still they expect you to give when they need it.

Example, person who was not financially well off. Had trouble keeping jobs due to exceptional circumstances.

Always needing a loan of money. Fair enough you pay it back when your able to.

Give advice, person takes it. Applies for certain things due to exceptional circumstances. Is successful. Good Im happy for them. But I'm not stupid.

Said person is now on an equal footing to myself. So why then are they still looking for money to tide them over till next time.

This drives me crazy. Yes you also have an added weekly expenditure now due the fact your new partner has a child but HELLO your partner has an income too.

Am I honestly still going to be expected to keep my own household going and still keep something by for you when you need it. NO I DONT THINK SO.

Anyway just had to get that off my chest and hope I'll feel better for it.

Why people just spend then expect others to bail them out?

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