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Day 170


The coronavirus is decimating business for us. If you know how the outbreak is affected the stock market, you'll understand why now is a really shitty time to be working for an oil & gas investment firm. I don't mind too much - it's giving me more motivation to study different skills and prepare for my exit in (hopefully) a year. I can't take it much longer - my position has lost all respect. For the last two weeks I've had to constantly get on my hands and knees in a skirt/dress with paper towels to clean up bits of broccoli and splatters of coffee off the kitchen floor, because my coworkers are too hoity-toity to clean-up after themselves, and I get chastised when things are not pristine. I'm required to wipe/spray every surface with disinfectant throughout the day because everyone here is scared of the virus. I used to be appreciated and treated with respect here. Now I'm scrubbing someone else's food out of bowls because they're too lazy.

I have days where I think "Things are getting better! I'll stay." and then the next day I feel shitty again. Why do I feel a sense of loyalty like this?

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