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Day 756

Terrifying fight

Apple had stayed up the night before. Because he had only two hours sleep he was in a bad mood all Sunday. He wanted me to pay for him to have a skin head hair cut. I wouldn't. The next thing was the internet not working in his room. Beloved said we should try turning off and then on his computer. I went to his room and found his jumper drying on the oil heater. The air smelled of burning. I ran down stairs and shouted at him. I took his mango from him. That was a physical act. He had to get it back and pushed me across the kitchen. Beloved pulled him away from me. Apple turned immediately on Beloved. I was screaming at the top of my voice. Peachy came running in. She grabbed a walking stick and whacked Appled with all her strength, inflaming him further. Apple floored Beloved. Beloved fell heavily onto his ribs, hitting his head on the floor and his nose on the edge of the kitchen cabinet. Blood everywhere. More wrestling and finally Apple stopped and ran to his room. Minutes later he left thehouse, dressed for the night in his coat.

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