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Day 35

The Abuser’s Claws

Yesterday I received a notification that someone had looked at my business social media page. I logged in to see who, and felt my heart stop in my chest for a moment.

Honeybun’s ex. The one who sunk her nails into him and manipulated him on and off for 10 years of his life. The one who spread rumors for the first year of my relationship and did everything she could to rip us apart. The one who would plant seeds in my head that he was cheating. She had gotten to me at first and had me in a mental/emotional chokehold before I discovered that she’s delusional. She’s prowled in the shadows ever since, waiting, looking for just a hint that Honeybun and I were in disagreement and pouncing at him. She failed every time.

She moved almost 200 miles away, which soothes my soul. I’m not worried about my relationship, I know she has no power, but Honeybun is still recovering from years of emotional abuse.

I almost want to tell him about it, because we promised no secrets. But I also don’t want to bring back bad memories over something as small as this. He’s been through enough.

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