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Day 626

The Assyrians came down like a wolf on the fold...

I went with Ma, Beloved and Sunny to see the Assyrian exhibition at the British Museum. We saw pictures of men being flayed alive, their tongues cut out, their heads cut off and thrown around like balls, lions being speared and dying with rivers of blood spewing up through their mouths. And we saw beautiful gardens, geometric carpets, harps and hunting parties made up of chariots and splendid ornaments. The bears curled and perfectly squared, fish floating like birds in the sky, heads turned backwards on forward facing bodies. It was fascinating and I was glad I didn’t live then. We were impressed by the translation of all the cuneiform writing; messages written on stones the size of your palm in tiny patterns, crammed with information and instruction. All written in 800 BC and beyond. I like the sound of the name Ashurbanipal; it belies the terror.

I cancelled seeing old friends to do that and I’m glad I did. We were happy together. I was impressed by Sunny in particular going around with us slowly, not complaining and being genuinely interested.

Apple is out with friends tonight. He said they might camp in E's garden. Brrrrr!

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