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Day 274

The Cleanse

I've officially grown tired of my stomach acting up and giving me trouble, so I've got a 20 day plan in which I find out which foods my body reacts badly with and which ones are safe to eat.

This is a huge turning point because then I'll know what I've been eating all these years without knowing my body didn't like it. This could be anything from broccoli to almonds to high fibre cereals. Which are meant to be good for us but not every 'healthy' food reacts well with everyone's body.

This cleanse will also help my body restore it's its internal functions so hopefully I'll begin disgesting things better and I'll be less sluggish in the mornings etc.

My point being, I'm starting a scientific cleanse and I'm hella excited! Right now I'm listening to the Laci Peterson case on YouTube and writing in my journal in the back garden with the sun shining on Chip and I. Chip is snoring lazily by my feet. I love him so much, I really would love to get a second pooch. A Papillon! They're so beautiful.

Man, I'm so excited about life lately.

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