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Day 676

The Coney Island Mikvah

The HeBros showed up at 10 am, Brother E and Brother S. E was driving, and had a joint in his hand which he passed to me just after we posed for a photo by NewGal. We jumped into the car to head to my dunk in the 36 degree day that is Coney in December.....

It took a bit of time, because Brother E had a n upset stomach from something bad he ate the night before and had to stop home, where he coughed and shat his pants. Brother S had a sore throat from the joint we were passing around, so he had to get some fresh water....

And so we drove to the water; I was nervous, because while I had dunked in Loch Ness and the the Sea of Japan, the first full day of winter had never crossed my mind.

And so we stood at the water's edge: we said a blessing, the "shehechayanu," - "Blessed be the powers that have kept me in life, sustained me and enabled me to reach this moment."

And I ran toward the water, near naked in a Speedo. I turned around, fell backwards, and I felt relief and freedom.

Homeward bound.

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  • Otter Otter
    6 weeks ago

    That sounds so invigorating, Rav! I hope you had a nice towel and a warm car ready for you when you got out. It sounds like quite the experience.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    6 weeks ago

    Hi Otter; my HeBros and I stood on the beach, ecstatic, as we passed around hot coffee, a flask of whiskey and another flask of limoncello.....

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