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Day 771

The dark side of Sunny

I am shaken. Last night Sunny ended up calling Peachy a ‘F***g ugly c**t’ in front of everyone during supper. He wouldn’t stop swearing and shouting. Peachy does tell him what to do because his behaviour is disgusting. He coughs all over the place, burps and he wipes his nose on the back of his hand. He gulps down his water noisily and he fiddles with everything he can reach. He’s grumpy and grim, and challenged he’s as rude as he knows how. Where on Earth did we go wrong? Why is he like this? He has no respect for any of us. I told him that if he intends to use his savings on drugs and festivals, I will withdraw financial support and he can take out an extra student loan. It is on my mind that he might end up stranded at home without a job, without qualifications, angry, young, strong and doing nothing but playing computer games in his room and doing drugs with his friends. My plan is to get him a flat and say good-bye. I don’t want him around like this. It is intolerable.

Apple is the same but he is only 16.

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