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Day 282

The day after the inspection

On MOnday we got a phone call, Oftsed was coming the next day. I also had 8 messages from F, my car had been declared abandoned...Suddenly, I felt overwhelmed and lost as to what to do. All sort of bad thoughts started racing through my mind. My lessons were prepared and I was ready, I had to finish marking some books, tweaking some lessons, so the panic wasn't coming from there. Called the people from the car and told me it had to be moved. Texted F and told him. He called the people from the estate, nothing...I started panicking and then stopped myself and decided that this needed to stop.
So, started thinking of options while I marked the books and tweaked the lessons and dealt with all the shit that my other role was throwing at me for the week.
Inspection went by ok.
Wednesday night I checked my emails. My boss had sent me 5 ####### emails asking me to do her shit. I was so pissed off. Went to work the next day absolutely fuming. I had had enough of her shit and her using me and getting away with it. Enough is enough.

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