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Day 477

The Delicate Friend and I talk S-E-X! Warning: Explicit!

"Delicate Friend" is a fellow older single man who I've known for many years, probably 20. We don't see much of each other, but when we do, our convos as single men with women can get quite explicit. He's in long distance relationship with Swedish gal, I'm in a short distance relationship with the WID.

Sample conversation:

Me: "Man, I just love having sex with WID, although it took me a few times to get comfortable with her. Now we're just blasting away...."

DF: "I know what you mean. And you know, sometimes it's hard to get the hardware hard, you know?"

Me: "I know. WID and I talk very openly about sex, and it helps to let her know that when I'm not hard, it's got to do with other things, not her."

DF: "My girl takes a long time to cum, and that can be really tiring, especially because we use condoms. That's a whole other thing...."

Me: "You ever thought about boosting?"

DF: "Well, gf suggested a cock ring. I don't know man, I'm in my 60s... should I be doing that?"

Me: "May be worth a try.... I would go for it - might be really exciting...."

DF: Don't know if I could handle that....

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