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Day 32

The fear of Love

Our species was not designed to survive. Knowing that we only have a limited time on this Earth, we began to procreate in order to continue the story of the Human race.

Carriers of the XY chromosomes have little recover time after mating, and so they learn to get back in the game and spread their genes at every possible opportunity. Whereas the fairer XX carriers, they learn to be more selective of who's DNA they receive, in order to better the chances of their genes survival.

And now we introduce a new component to the equation.


Love is scary. We are told that with love we find happiness, that "all we need is love". We crave it, yet we allow it to control, empower, and destroy our lives.

It is such a dangerous concept, and yet we teach it to children like it's part of everyday life. This addictive drug is romantasised by thoughs who dont have it. And put down by thoughs who indulge it.

Like many people, I crave my next hit and the comfort it brings. But, like many people, I fear love.

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