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Day 112

The Festival

We had a great time camping at the festival. So many shows, experiences, and laughs. It was freezing at night, but Honeybun and I had a blast with our group of friends.

Bear and Raven lost my jacket. "But we don't feel so bad since you had said the leather at the sleeves was cracking anyway." I was frustrated but tried not to let it bother me too much. It's only a jacket.

Then we get a call on Sunday afternoon from Honeybun's mother while we were on our way home. Bear had called as soon as we left camp to tell her that Honeybun was "drunk the entire time." Honeybun DID drink a lot and DID get shitfaced - but only at night, and it's a festival, so it's kind of expected... Unsure sure why Bear was trying to get his little brother in trouble with their mom, but she believed me when I told her the truth.

I'm glad we went though. There were magicians, comedians, badasses with whips lit on fire, masters of large birds-of-prey, people in renaissance or fantasy costumes, and more! I had a lovely time. I hope Honeybun and I get to dress up next time.

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