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Day 278

The ghost from Christmas past

A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite film adaptations but it has to be the one with Patrick Stewart.
Sunday night something happened to me bringing back a ghost from the past. I'm on a kinda dating website, but not full on. A guy messaged me and we started talking, we swapped numbers. Monday morning we messaged again and he asks me what I do, he tells me he works for the UN on secret missions and all my radars go on alert.
Three years ago, I was a near victim of a common web scam, whereby a guy sweet talks you into a long distance relationship and then asks for money. My flat mate at the time told me and I felt really stupid, so when I saw this happening again my reaction was quite different. I was fuming and told the guy not to insult my intelligence.
It is funny how life can send you the same test just to make sure the lesson has been learnt. I was pissed off, sure but at least I am also in a much better place now where I don't need someone to sweet talk me for me to lose myself. Good times

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