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Day 11

The girlfriend who never was ....3

B and I changed schools as my previous school was only 11-16. We used to sit next to each other on the bus and were sort of going out with each other but hadn't admitted it!

Each lunchtime a friend and I used to play chess and B used to sit on my knee and gently stroke my upper thigh. It didn't help with my concentration, but I thoroughly enjoyed her attention.

Unfortunately I was too shy to make a move fast enough for B and about this time one of my peripheral friends decided to make a move for B as she began to lose patience with me.
C was very skilled at manipulating people. He got under B's skin by pretending to have loads of problems that only she could help with. He persuaded her to stop going to lessons so that they could talk. C twisted things that me and B's other friends said so that she stopped trusting us and started to rely only on him.

B's whole character changed and we began to have so little in common that we spent most of the bus trips in silence.

To be continued!

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    62 months ago

    Unfortunately, teenage girls are so open to manipulation - hopefully B saw through him...

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    61 months ago

    This C guy sounds like a sociopath and if I were you I would try to help her see it, if you care for her that is . It's easy to do nothing. But life is never easy. It's like watching someone torture your dog and doing nothing. Talk to someone you can trust, get help, get her out of this before she gets hurt. Sorry, but my problem is I can't stand any kind of suffering, of course you don't have to make it yours. But you sound strong enough to do the right thing , good luck x

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