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Day 542

The Good Son....

Son and I have been having a real nice time together; it's almost as if the worse Daughter gets, Son just keeps stepping up.

We're working on a problem at my house together; it involves a lot of physical labor and today it was warm, so he sweated a lot. But he didn't complain: we worked together, we got a huge amount accomplished, I didn't ride him hard, and it was all fun and purposeful.

Afterwards, I made sure he got his pay (shout outs to Venmo for that) and made him a nice lunch. In the evening he helped me move a small piece of furniture down 4 flights of stairs and over to my place.

We went to a local Mexican hole-in-the-wall that serves very nice food without much fru fru decor or dishes - we actually had margaritas, which makes it the first time we went out and drank together.

Meanwhile, I don't know what's become of Daughter since she grabbed the rest of her stuff from my place. Her room is clean, and I'm thinking of letting it out to "couch surfers." I imagine she's busy with work and seeing her friends, and working on herself (I hope.....)

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