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Day 13

The Honeybun (Part 2)

When I told Honeybun my dream to skydive, and that my jump was scheduled for July 4th (Independence Day!), he responded: "I'll go with!"

He bought his ticket right there. I was in shock. For years I had asked family and friends to jump with me, and they'd all said "HELL no!" yet this guy I'd known half of my life but never spoken to much was willing to jump. I was intrigued.

Next day was our jump. We paid extra for a videographer to capture it all. It was when we were in the plane I noticed Honeybun had turned ghostly and looked about to vomit. Apparently he is terrified of heights and had never been in a plane - let alone a tiny jump plane. Then why was he so willing to jump from 14,000 feet with me? He kept his head between his knees while I excitedly pressed my face against the window.

We jumped, we screamed, and we laughed. It was the most thrilling moment of my life. When we landed, adrenaline pumping, he asked me out.

He jumped for me, so I made a jump for him. We've been falling in love ever since.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    7 months ago

    Sounds so fun! Love it...

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    It really is! You have to be strapped to a professional diver of course, but they attach the altimeter to your wrist and have you watch it as you fall to pull the cord at the right moment. When I stepped out of the plane, it seemed like every cell of my being was screaming, but then I was hit with a wave of adrenaline and giggled the whole way down. I even got to do some tricks and steer my parachute! It was the most beautiful view I've ever seen - the curvature of the earth, the clouds, everything below. I'd love to jump for a third time. I may be hooked. Haha!

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  • Otter Otter
    7 months ago

    I had been going through a sludgy swamp of depression and decided to do something exciting. It really put everything into perspective for me, and I rode that wave of glee for months - of course, Honeybun had a part in that as well ;)

    Something about that rush just sticks around for a while.

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