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Day 606

The Kids Are Alright....

For as long as my kids (21 year old son and 28 year old daughter) officially became "persons," I've always joked that they turned out well in spite of any parenting I've attempted on them.They're not perfect, but I'm quite happy with them....

Daughter texts me the other day, "what are you doing for your birthday?" but she won't be here, because work will take her away for 3 months a few days before. I ask her to plan something fun with her brother, and just let me know the day and time.

That was about a day ago: today she texts me that she's got something set up for Friday: she got tickets for some strange exhibition, and then we'll go out for dinner afterwards.

#1Son was over today helping me move a/c units, and he asks what I'm doing on my "Big 60th" birthday. I tell him I'm going out to the cemetery, then the beach, grab something to eat, maybe visit. He asks if he can come with me; I tell him "Yes! Yes!"

I'm almost in tears as I write this, because my kids are good people. They have their faults, but they're essentially good, and I love them.

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