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Day 278

The memories app

One of my favourite thingsthat facebook does is tell you what you posted this time a certain year ago. I get thrown down memory lane day after day . My favourite time is about 7-9 years ago. It's usually a comment to a friend, or a photo, and we've all left a post and had a giggle and a joke. Life seems so naive and lovely. I know it wasn't. I know I was struggling to deal with a manipulative boyfriend daily, hourly, but you don't post things like that on your facebook! Or at least, I didn't. I don't exactly like to air my dirty laundry where people I know can pick through it.

I've managed to cling to a few if those friends. We're still in communication regularly. Well, regularly enough that I can drop them message without feeling awkward. We're all meeting up for one of our birthdays next weekend. It will be quite the reunion. I'm quite excited for another one of those trips down the old memory lane with everyone. Never mind what were doing now, remember when... Ah, good times.

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