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Day 738

The New Paradigm (TNP)

TNP says that you must stay 6 feet away from everyone, including your loved ones who don't live with you.

TNP says that you should go out as little as possible.

TNP says that those days when you could go out and do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted are over.

TNP says you can turn this crisis into an opportunity for introspection and self improvement.

For the first time in our lives, we will have to live lives that are fully conscious; when we go shopping, we will have to think about what it is we absolutely need, and how we will accomplish this in a manner that is fast and interaction free.

Today I tested myself by going into a grocery store near the house where I'm staying: I walked around with my hands in my pockets, restraining myself from touching items. Whenever I saw something I would like, I kept moving.

There were many odd things that were "missing." A specific brand of bread, all the Chobani yogurts (well, they were on sale) and there was no flour to be found. There were lots of eggs and milk and butter, but packages of grated cheese? Missing.

I emerged empty handed, humbled in my restraint.

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