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Day 737

The News Is So Far Away....

I woke this morning after another unsettling night of sleep. There's a low grade kind of fear I have, one that attacks at night, and it is accompanied by bodily discomfort related to my recent medical issues.

I looked out the window, and there it was: the lightest, fluffiest snow being bourn by the trees outside my window. It lay on the stone wall, and made a gentle blanket on the ground. It made me instantly optimistic that I could make something of this day.

A friend has been doing a live online Jewish based meditation practice every morning at 8 am. I join him, and one to two other people show: he discusses different ways to use our spirituality to enter into meditation, and we do a 15 minute sit. I've meditated in different ways, and starting a daily practice like this has been very calming. It gives me something to look forward to, allowing me to shed my existential dread for at least a half-hour.

I set up a Slack stack to help people in my neighborhood connect with each other for mutual aid, so I spent the morning on that. I also took a wonderful afternoon hike.

Life goes on.... oblah-di....

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