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Day 245

The nilist in me

Driving through the countryside overlooking a large portion of local area, seeing the differences in the clouds and the prospect of rain.

A familiar feeling rises, well it's always there and always has been. Human insignificance to everything but ourselves.

It's a weird way to have always been. It would be nice to just talk about football and do boring shit.

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    37 months ago

    Hey Z! The naive side of me still think you can choose to do so, even if and when everything is full of insignificance. I know you can and I'd like to invite you to let yourself go and be different from what you know, as scary as that may be...x

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  • Zeotrope Zeotrope
    37 months ago

    Hi H,
    I'm still too naive and think that things will change, like the species will recognise the flaws bit that is wishful thinking.
    My comment was about what I have always seen but not been able to change. I'm never afraid of change, I revel in it and it makes you stronger. It would just be nice to see a glimmer of hope that humans could change for the better.
    That's what I would like to leave behind, ideally find a quiet corner and enjoy the peace x

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