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Day 630

The problem with eating

Went to London with Peachy. Showed a potential tenant around Ma's flat. He liked it very much. Then went around the shops with Peachy. I bought her clothes for school which she was very happy about. Then we had a wrap, flapjack and fruit juice; over 1,000 calories worth. We decided to have a light supper.

Got home at 7.30pm and reminded Ma of her offer to take us all out for supper, it being too late for me to cook and no one else was volunteering. She agreed and off we went. The menu arrived. Apple didn’t like a thing on it, Peachy had wanted a salad and didn’t like the soup idea, Beloved said he wasn’t hungry. Ma ordered a hearty stew and I had soup. After supper, as soon as we got in the door Apple grabbed the packet of pasta. He’s making himself some now.

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