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Day 523

The Procedure....

On Friday morning, I'm going to have a little tube shoved up my penis, slid a couple of inches into my prostate, and the doctor is going to pull a couple of pieces of it out to examine under a microscope.

Maybe it'll be cancer, maybe it'll be a cyst, maybe it'll be a stone. Who knows.

Whatever it is, I'll take it as it comes. If it's cancer, I know it hasn't progressed very far, because the area is small, and it hasn't interfered with my bodily functions, which is when things get real bad.

I'm also not worried, because I remember my father had his prostate removed when he was in his 60's, so it could be just another enlarged prostate. When means big ####### deal.

But it's a procedure and the thought of someone going poking something into my penis is a little unnerving. On the other hand, stuff is always coming out in one direction, so what's so crazy about something going in the other?

Blessed are you, o' deity in whom I have scant belief, for you have created the holes in my body which are carefully controlled to allow nourishment in and waste out.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    5 months ago

    Oh dear I hope all goes ok for you
    Think positive , are you going alone or do you have a buddy to go with you .

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