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Day 742

The Return to Brooklyn...

I left my refuge about half past noon; I did an early morning meditation on my own, watched the sun come up over the ridge for one last time, built a fire, made breakfast....

I chatted with NewGal and the kids, loaded up the car and set my course. First stop was to the town of Beacon, to pick up some totally slammin' fried chicken sandwiches on a scallion biscuit... I picked up three of these babies, two for me and one for the boy.

Traffic back to the city was sparse, and this led to the sighting of several drivers who were under the impression that they had been cast in some kind of Mad Max movie: the moved at full speed down the highway, weaving in and out of traffic, at one point crossing three lanes of traffic and cutting off two cars in the process to exit the road.

After dropping off the sammie to Son (as well as a couple of slabs of lamb), I drove down the main street of my hood, noticing all the closed down shops, and some pedestrians.

Took an early evening walk in the park. Tomorrow this new era will surely dawn on me.

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