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Day 288

The Run-Up to Halloween

And so the spookiest month of the year begins.

This morning I woke up with Sam's arms around me. He invited me over for a movie night last night and I ended up staying over. Nothing happened, but we eventually fell asleep and I ended up having my regular nightmares, to which Sam wrapped his arms around me and it really helped me drift off again.

I got my glasses today, I'm not totally in love with them because I feel like a bit of a nerdy school teacher or something but they work so well. I was able to do loads of colouring in and crochet and late-night writing without getting a headache and straining the crap out of my eyes.

I'm looking to get an el-cheapo run-around car and moving to Storrington. I can't stay here in this house any more, I need to go somewhere where I'll be safe and it's healthy and I'll be happy.

I'm doing another turf-out of my room as I do like, once a month, and donating to RSPCA as usual. I'm excited for tomorrow as I've got the morning shift which means I'll be getting plenty of furry cuddles from the bunnies.

I feel better today.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    5 months ago

    The specs suit you...

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  • Savannah Bear Savannah Bear
    5 months ago

    Thank you! :) That's very much appreciated xxx

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  • Otter Otter
    5 months ago

    Maybe over time you'll come to love your glasses. I think they look great, but I know sometimes when an aspect of our appearance changes we can be overly critical. Give it time - they may grow on you! Did you crochet the scarf yourself? Love all the colors!

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  • Savannah Bear Savannah Bear
    4 months ago

    I didn't crochet the scarf myself, but I know the pattern! :) I do a lot of crochet and most of what I do ends up being rainbow colours because I can't decide on one colour alone! They're all so gorgeous!

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