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Day 583

The test

Apple put us to the test. I warned him we would leave at 8.10. We left at 8.15. I went on to the gym. He walked to school. He was 45 minutes late. I wonder if he will do the same tomorrow. The important thing about this is that he bothered to walk in to school. That’s encouraging. I thought he might have gone back to bed. He had threatened to do that if we left him behind. Last night I told him to organise his things for this morning. This morning he couldn’t find his PE kit. I had told him I was putting it in the wash and he’d said that was fine. He’d forgotten.

When Beloved picked them up he punched Peachy (but in a way to make sure he didn’t hurt her) and told her to shut up or he would smash her face. Beloved said that if he didn’t get in to school on time he would remove his computer. Inflammatory. Appointment to see a family therapist made.

I'm sorry for Apple, despite it all. I think he’s not able to help himself. He doesn’t like himself so he doesn’t care enough to look after himself.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    7 months ago

    My youngest is a bit like that, always the last one ready, in no real hurry unless it suits himslef, and homework is becoming more troublesome. Xxx

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