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Day 475

The Valentines Day Scent Has Been Located....

The WID ("Woman I'm Dating") set me up with a challenge, because, she said, she wanted to try to be a demanding bitch, which is what I interpret as self-deprecating humor. The challenge: to find a "scent" that we could wear together as "our thing" when we're lounging around and "being intimate" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge....)

This being NYC, of course there's several shops devoted to that purpose, so I picked out one run by a charming Thai lady. I tell her my mission, and she has a question: "What astrological signs are you and your girlfriend?"

Understand, I loathe astrology. I just can't believe that there are people who pay attention to this worthless pseudo-science which entraps people into believing that the gravitational pull of some heavenly bodies that are millions of miles away can have any affect on my personality. I mean, the doctor who delivered me exerted more gravitational pull than Saturn or Mars.

But I play along, because the lady is going to sell me a scent which I hope will please the WID. She observes that we must both be intellectuals, and chooses a nice light scent that seems enjoyable, but what do I know?

We'll see!

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