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Day 277

The week that was

Here I am with a congestion that came yesterday, still pestering me not letting me breathe. I'm trying to post again so that I can gain some awareness through the process.
I find it hard to do it daily as my days are busy and yet, I have this to do list to get through that sometimes makes me feel more stressed!
This is why I feel I need to work less and do more stuff for me!
I've started studying German, which I love and meditating everyday, which grounds me a lot.
I ventured today and offered a swap of Spanish for positive psychology and coaching. Exchanged numbers with a girl who sounds really cool and we're meeting next Saturday.
This weekend I really felt a wish for a steady group of friends in similar circumstances to mine, single and in their mid 30s to early 40s. I'm quite an introvert so making friends time and time again doesn't come easy to me. I see this as a first step.
I also suffer from SAD syndrome so living in London doesn't help me with that. I'm longing for spring and longer days so I can get out more and push myself

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