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Day 37

The wold gone mad

So it's been I don't know how long since I've wrote anything or even been on here. I've been busy keeping it together while my families world appears to descend into chaos. Partner has alzheimer's albeit early stages. trying to get my son to think of his future while trying to actually get him to venture out of the house is a challenge. All sorts of things have happened that have needed my undivided attention over probably the last two years I would say. On top of that the voluntary commitments I have taken up can eat away at my time also. Then I step back and look at events unfolding around the world and think to myself what sort of world have we left to our children. Society is moving backwards at an alarming rate in terms of prejudice, persecution and utter chaos and yet at the same time I can understand why such abhorrent views and racial tensions are rising in countries all around the world.
War, terrorism and an influx of refugees all around the world coupled with economic instability lack of jobs and a fear for the future has fuelled hatred and resentment worldwide.

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