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Day 274

Things can happen and I get to get my life

back when I finish at 5.30 pm. By this, I don't mean that my work is finished. My work hardly ever is ALL finished.
No, I mean that I leave work regardless. Then, I get home at a decent time. I meditate, study German, read Gestalt and even write as I proposed myself to do a couple of weeks ago.
Two weeks before the holidays I realised that I had long lost my work/life balance and it was making me very unhappy.
So I decided to make little changes. I started leaving work at 6, started meditating again (instant relief) and decided to study German and reading for my masters.
As a month has gone past, I have started to feel the benefits and leaving at 5:30.
I keep it up so it doesn't feel like a chore and I do meditation and German daily. Reading is a bit more challenging, if I leave it too late I'm too tired so sometimes, it doesn't happen...
Things are falling into place and I can see clearer. So much so that I was able to let JJ go to his place instead of where I wanted him to be. Slowly, everything is falling into place :)

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    27 months ago

    That is so awesome Hachiko! Balance is so important.

    Gonna be somewhere in your neck of the woods, gonna be in Dublin tomorrow morning. Im going to Brussels from there.

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