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Day 278

This is crazy

Today I am having a full on creative yaddo in Horsham Cafe Nero.

I thought I saw you come in just now, I nearly flipped my shit. What are the odds, right?

Crazy. Obviously it wasn't you, but then I thought, wouldn't it be strangler wonderful for you to walk in through that door?

I'm going mad. It's all this inspiration I have today. I'm drafting my novel properly today, I spoke about it all night with Luke and it got my creative juices flowing so I'm pumped today, writing madly in my draft book, my journal, finishing off all my poems I'd started a while back but not finished.

I wish I could get your opinion of them.

This is crazy.


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  • OdysseusOfIthica OdysseusOfIthica
    3 months ago

    If you still have my whatsapp, send them over and I will let you know :)

    I will send you my first draft of my book when chapter 1 is done :)

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