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Day 655

This is how he looked

He looked tall, his chin jutted out because it always does and because he was defiant as he walked past me. He had on his yellow boots, his baseball cap beneath which his hair bounced on his forehead. He pushed his suitcase and bags beside him. He wanted to walk past without difficulty, but it wasn’t easy with all that stuff, and his bulky warm coat on. He has on slim blue jeans and his white jumper. He’s tall and nice looking. A jaunty American look. But he wants to get past me as quickly as he can.

‘You have hurt me deeply.’ ‘Snap,’ he snaps back. ‘What do you mean?’ He is out the door and his words are lost to the wind. ‘Bye! Have a good term,’ I call as he opens the car door. He doesn’t look back. ’Bye,’ he says flatly. He hasn’t said good bye to anyone.

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