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Day 55

This Little Light of Mine

On Monday, our usual grocery-delivery guy came in - I see him every week. He told me something I hadn't heard in a long time - "I love that you're always smiling and laughing. Like a little ray of sunshine."

I used to hear that all the time, and it would make me just shine even brighter knowing I'd somehow made someone else smile. Then two years ago everything fell apart with Honeybun's parents and mine fighting and the residual sludge of grudges held by them. Things calmed down, but those scars are still there, and my mother doesn't forgive quickly or easily - sometimes never at all.

All of that sludge had covered me up and weighed me down, and Honeybun and I have been working ever since to wash it off each other.

That comment is exactly what I needed. It's a sign that my light is still shining - it's just covered in a little dirt, but it's shining through the cracks again. Honeybun is shining a bit again too.

Maybe soon the rest of the grime will wash away and we'll be able to see the way again.

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    12 months ago

    Keep shining your light bright! You're an inspiration for me. I am (also) trying to clean off my dirty light caused by other toxic people for too many years. I think what might have helped recently is reminding myself that MOST people I've met are garbage and DON'T MATTER.

    I was so concerned with how others perceived me. But, I'm old enough now to turn the table on others. *I* need to be convinced anyone new in my life is worthy of a positive influence on me. Otherwise, I'm not interested and they DON'T MATTER.

    Somehow over the past 5-10 years, I've forgotten how amazing of a person I am. I think part of the problem is that society embraces the (more interesting) side of judgement from others.

    I reminded myself of this recently, that judgement DOES NOT MATTER.

    Much luv xo :)

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