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Day 180

Time Ticking

I've been doing my damndest to keep sane. Books, yoga, boardgames, and my little garden that I'm learning to care for. I want to get my green friends into some proper pots with good soil, but I may not have much more time before all "non-essential" shops close. I'd get the supplies today, but we arent allowed to put things on our patio for a few days because our building is being painted, and I dont think Honeybun would appreciate me keeping manure inside. LOL!

Work is slow, and I find myself chatting with Honeybun or reading while waiting for another task I can complete. I video conference my coworkers weekly now for "purposeful communication."

I still call my parents at least once a day, and my mom is making this hard. She constantly sobs that she misses and wants to see me. It's been about 3 weeks since we had "mom/daughter night," but I keep explaining to her that she and Dad are turning 60, and I can't risk getting them sick. Video chatting has to suffice for now - but she keeps holding "I'm old and may not have much time left" over my head. I'm worried that I'll crack...

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