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Day 235

Today, so no go

Manning the Bat Phone as it was labelled by me for a bit, so physical and mental work combined, reminds me of catering in that way.

Writing to SF and enjoying the banter and sharing.

The little one who I don't see, its her birthday tomorrow and it will soon be 8 months since I said goodbye. I don't know what I expected from that day and I know I was angry but I don't think I expected this. So I'm expecting a day of avoidance and at least I have a hospital appointment for an x-ray. Apart from that it will be make it up time and try not to think. Which as you read isn't working that well.

What else is going on I have no idea, one of my colleagues started her maternity leave so at least she if off for a bit of a rest before the mayhem.

You know what, its late and I'm off to read and I can't be bothered with my own head tonight after a couple of updates.

Have a great weekend all

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