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Day 201


Had a week off and am still exhausted. Sporadically bursting into tears is getting really boring now.

Divorce is done, court order is done, but because the ex husband didn't sign the forms months ago like he should have, I can't pay the settlement, I can't change the locks, I can't move on.

He's now wanting to negotiate over cutlery, bedding and toilet brushes. He wants a duvet cover that we slept under to sleep under with his new girlfriend. I suggested that that was a little strange and he said he hadn't thought about it.

He wants half the cutlery as apparently she doesn't have any. She has 2 kids. Not sure how she feeds them without cutlery. As for the toilet brush, I have nothing to offer in terms of an opinion.

He's now started to relieve me of items which he knows are mine and had obviously not bargained on me realising. The man is a total tool.

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  • AcaMartian10 AcaMartian10
    55 months ago

    What an asshole.
    Good bloody riddance.
    I wish you'd never met him, never had any moments with this idiot - but hey, look ahead.
    Your real life's just waiting to start now. :-)
    I hope the man who would sweep you off your feet and would actually love you for how special you are, finds you now - very, very soon.
    Love and hugs. Stay strong, chin up.

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  • Lydia Lydia
    55 months ago

    Give him the bloody lot sounds like a right sicko to , your well rid x

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  • heath in the Summer heath in the Summer
    55 months ago

    Well done, you have got this far and as for the 'stuff' he wants !! he is still trying too control you it sounds. Give it all too him and say..hope you are happy now, because I im..thank you very much !
    Good luck with everything xx

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  • Tammie Tammie
    55 months ago

    Sounds like he's purposely trying to wind you up. Tell him to take it all,your well rid of him hun. Use your energy on finding someone who deserves you, and don't waste any more on him.

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  • Rodeo Rodeo
    54 months ago

    Totally with Heath. After all, its only stuff. And I ended up getting rid of alot of my stuff, when I moved in with NewMan. It was very carhartic. Buckle up and dump it on him xxxxx

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