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Day 602

Trip to London

The second time we’ve all been up to London with Ma. When I go up with her on my own it’s okay because it’s just us. But with all the family we get left behind and I end up pulling her along. She is like a toddler: I have to zip up her coat, arrange her scarf and hat, hold her hand and stay with her. The others go on ahead and don’t look back. She is amazed by this. I am not. She walks so excruciatingly slowly. They are young. They want to move and go go go. At supper we were discussing going for a walk tomorrow and she said, ‘But I can’t go for a walk!’ She was angry. We were making plans without her.

The Pizza Express was not a success. Ugly place with bad service. Ma chose prawns and then didn’t like the look of them when they arrived. I took it back and said we’d prefer to have salad niçoise. Sunny is sure that they will have spat in my salad. The guy serving us did not return. I had been angry when I returned the prawns. They looked repellent.

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