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Day 577

True Story: GrownDaughter is indistinguishable from 3 year old child....

I put together a nice meal for us tonight, while they went on a walk. Sausage, potatoes au gratin, fennel, apple & raisin salad, tomato, cucumber and shallot salad. Because GrownDaughter is vegetarian, I heated up some of last night's ratatouille for her in a bowl.

As we start eating, she puts a forkful of the ratatouille into her mouth, makes a pouty face, then pushes the bowl across the table away from her. I swear on my life, I've never seen an adult do this. I ask her what is wrong. "It's too hot..." she whines.

In my head I am outraged. "Do you want me to blow on it for you to cool it down?" as if she is a 3 year old, which is ironic, because her 3 year old daughter is sitting next to her eating without any fuss.

To my astonishment, GrownDaughter's mother takes the bowl and removes the top layer to her plate, and then hands it back. GrownDaughter grudgingly eats the food, her head leaning on her hand, her elbow on the table. Seriously, her 3 year old is behaving better than her.

After this is over, we're through. Her nonstop whining and complaining are too much.

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