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Day 3

Trying my best.

On the back of my previous posts, today has been no better. My daughter came over tonight, and like always we settled in to watch movies, and chat together, and spend some quality time.
It never fails to astound me, how sweet and real she can be at times with me. But then thats the style of relationship that i have cultivated with her.
Despite my mother telling me that i'm 'not alllowed' to talk to her about sex, or anything related to it, that might affect her at this age, i do, if she brings it up or has questions.
For me, an open, honest relationship is something that i want between us, and my daughter has been not only welcoming of that, but more reassured, as a result.
We're now at a point where she knows she can come to me with anything, wether it be coming out as gay, questions about sexuality, boys, makeup, or whats happening to her body as she grows up, knowing that i'll be a non-judgemental, honest sounding board for advice.

Sorry, not sorry, mum. You're not going to control the relationship that i have with my daughter. I might be autistic, but i'm also human.

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