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Day 674

Two doses away.... the wrist count keeps on going down.....

The bones in my body seem to gnash against one another as I yank it along, gravity making itself known. Muscles stretch, but not smoothly; they seem to catch, snap and contract in the shortest of moments.

Everyday is a unique experience, but somehow always the same: I'm thinking about nothing in particular, and the clamp tightens at a moment's notice, a reminder that my body is really not well. It can get me to work and back, and even enable me to act coherently and productively.

Today was my last "work" day until next year; it doesn't mean much, because I've got lots of other work to do in the meantime: end of year financial things to fix up, get my house in shape for the winter which has arrived with snowy squalls.

And I'm hoping my recovery, if not swift, will happen at all. I will continue to mark myself, because after all this, I feel like I need to - to acknowledge the presence of my body, and in some way remind myself, and others in the know, that this may not have killed me, but it was marked me for life.


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  • Otter Otter
    6 weeks ago

    Only two doses left! Yay! And you may be "marked," Rav, but wear that mark with pride. It's something that was earned through fighting and surviving.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    6 weeks ago

    Survivors are Strong

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