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Day 606

Two fly away

Sunny and Owl left today for the start of their new terms. I was taken by surprise tears when I said good bye to Sunny. Every good bye is leading to him leaving home entirely. He’s almost gone already. I’m sorry about the direction he appears to be going in. I know he must find his own way. I still worry about the life line on his palm. It used to stop short when he was little but it is going almost to the edge of his palm now. I want him safe and I see how things could go badly wrong for him. He is unaware and happy.

Owl is different. I’m going to go up with Apple next month to see him. He’s more grounded than Sunny. I like his friends. He is secure with them. They’re good people who care for each other, keep a tidy, clean home, look after themselves, work hard and do well.

It'll make things easier for Ma with them gone. I'll concentrate more on her which she has been yearning for. Poor thing hasn’t been taken out of the house for days. She has just been walking around the garden.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    8 months ago

    All you can do is provide a secure place for Sunny. You cannot live his life and he has to make his own mistakes. I know it's hard. x

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